Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Immersion Assembly

Our school had an immersion assembly today, for the first day of term 2. I was super excited so I quickly decided to go to class. From class we walked to the hall, Mr Burt told about us about our theme. Our theme was I like you latitude, so Mr Burt explained it to us. After that the interesting stuff started!

Team 1 teachers presented their movie that they worked hard on during the holidays. The movie started with Pt England School in the future. It included things like fake fruit and what their ancestors had when they were at school. One of the girls from school watched some news and found out that the bees where decreasing and so she called some scientist that help animals. Then the scientist got to work and that’s where the movie ended. So team 1 was going to work on way to help bees.

Team 2’s movie was about an Easter egg hunt they had. In this movie they were told to look up look down look left, right and look all around. The hunt started and it looked like students where already finding eggs, the kids were rushing everywhere and they looked like they were having loads of fun. After the hunt they had a few kids talking about their experience and what they did to try and find eggs. It was very amusing!

Team 3’s movie was about a normal boring day torn into the best day in the world. It started out by Miss Scanlan walking to school and suddenly Mrs Carruthers the fairy appeared at the front of the Miss Scanlan and ask her if she wanted to go to the forest or the beach. She pack forest  then as she was walk through the forest she decided to go to the beach. After ward she went to the shops and finally arrived back to school and was greeted by the whole team!

The next video was from team 4 and it was about the teachers in team for going on a mission to get back to school and without any devices/Apps. The teachers had to use a compass and a map, they quite a lot of discussing and got lost many times. They all made a lot of stops and all had turns leading the way. When they finally arrived at school the teachers were not happy to see Mr Goodwin waiting for them and as payback they took his phone and he could use any device/app to get back home.

Team 5 did and act instead of a movie. Their act was about Mrs Tapuke wanting to travel around the world with her family can safari and saw the eiffel tower in pari, she even went to disney land and had the great wall of china. Her visit was very interesting, and we learnt that team 5 is going to be learning about the continents of the world.

Mrs L0agitupu, Ms Va,afusuanga and Mr Vogt decided to also make a movie too. They made a movie about there amazing secret life outside and before school. It started with there journey to school and how long it took. The there was a sudden twist and an emergency happened Ms Va,afusanga had to save the world from a meteor that was hurling towards the earth. Mrs Lagitupu had to use her amazing computer skills and save the world from terrible hackers and Mr Vogt save the earth from a piece of pollution that could lead to a deadly virus. It was very exciting and always kept us at the edge of out seats, I hope there is a part 2!

I liked all the movies they were all interesting and had something different. But if I had to pick a movie it would be the movie from team 5 as it had a lot of funny moments. I loved all the movies and I am excited for the term and am ready to do loads of learning. I hope you will enjoy my blog posts this term!

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