Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Jack and Ruby the Robots

Once upon a time there was a Robot called Jack. He lived in a scrap yard. In the scrap yard there were old car's and flat tyres and boroken machines and old wires. Jack's body was made with other stuff. His leg were made out of a spring and his other leg was a balts he had arms out of plugs and his other arms bolts and his body was made out of a cassette tape. One day Jack found a dark grey wire he picked it up then the wire said put" me down now!" "I want to be with my friends" pip said. Let's get out of here because I want to get away from the string Robot " "me to" said pip. Then they wobbled away  Jack was so so so sad and lonely. Then he found a plug. It had two eyes and no mouth. So Jake got a piece of black tape and stuck it on the plug making a mouth. Then suddenly! Jack look up then he saw another Robot. Her name was Ruby. She said I do not have a friend can you please please be my best friend" "me" "yes you" " said sord Ruby so Ruby and Jack set off though the scrap yard looking for cool things they could use to make some toys.

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