Saturday, 9 March 2019

The girl called Candpop

One day there lived a kind girl called Candpop. She lived in a rainbow tree. It was a trusting type of tree because it had rainbow coloured sparkles on it. She was a very Hightpow girl. One day she heard a unicorn and as I “said before she was  a hightpow girl. When she heard the unicorn she went Crazy and Candpop said “I think that the unicorn sound came from the magical bridge. Then suddenly Candpop decided to go to the other side of the bridge.

Then Candpop  saw the unicorn and it was a beautiful pink wonderful sparkle unicorn. Candpop called the unicorn Lama and when she got there was an amazing awesome candy land so she started eating candy land was delicious and scrumptious. It had spar

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