Monday, 6 July 2020

Girl's Day Out

 Today we decided to go shopping with my mum because it is the school holiday, so we got ready and then we got in the car. We went and got 5 or 4 sizable red, white and pink coloured flowers. They look really pretty but they weren't real sadly.

We then saw Kmart and we decided to go shopping there. We looked for some clothes but there was nothing good. Then we also looked for some more flowers but I thought that the ones we brought earlier were much better so we left Kmart.

We started getting hungry so we went to my mum's favourite coffee shop. I'm not sure what it's called but they had the best things there, especially their coffee. We looked around for something to eat and ordered a few minutes later.

My mum went to the counter and said “I would like a passionfruit and lemon muffins and one chocolate brownie”. My mum said “we would also like one red velvet cake and one chocolate mud cake”. After that the waitress said is that all and my mum said “yes thank you”.

My mum pad and we went and found a table close by. Because when the food came we could eat. We were starving, especially me. I get hungry really fast. My sister's Zaeeda and A were also very hungry but not as much as me.

It smells delicious, my mouth was watering and it looked like it had lots of  flavours. Then one of the waitresses brought our food, and we were so happy because we were starving. I couldn’t wait to eat, I was so hungry and just looking at it made my stomach was starving. 

This made me slightly regret the fact that I wanted to stay home. It was very cold outside so I kind of wanted to stay inside the house. But it was warm in the mall and at least it was much warmer than outside, but it also felt like it had a heater.

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