Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Megatron - Questions

1) Megatron is the leader of?
a) Decepticons b) Cybertrons 
c) Trypticon d) Autobots

2) Who was Megatron’s teacher?
a) Optimus Prime b) The Fallen
c) Sentinel Prime d) AllSpark

3) Who was appointed Cybertron's Protector and commander of its Defense Force?
  1. Optimus Prime b) Megatron
  2. Sentinel Prime d) Cybertron

4) Which name is NOT Megatron’s alias?
a) Galvatron b) Ice Man
c) C-81 d) R2D2

5) Megatron is easily persuaded to change his mind?
a)True b) False

6) In the sentence “...feeling exacerbated by spending decades...”, what does exacerbate mean?
a) excited b) worsen
c) Cute d) aggregate

7) What is Megatron’s true goal? 
      a) To destroy planet earth             b) To destroy Optimus Prime
      c) Restore Cybertron d) Retrieve Decepticon Army

8) What was Megatron’s obsession?
  1. To destroy planet earth b) Chase after the Allspark
c)  To be the greatest d) To be an autobot

9) in the sentence .. “he has to rule it with his iron fist ..” what does iron fist mean?
 a) to do iron your clothes b) strict and cruel way

c) mixes iron and metals together c) being gentle

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